Chalfont Softball Club will be undertaking numerous fundraising activities to help it to develop softball for its members and the local community. Money raised will be used in a number of ways:

  • Helping us run our junior softball programmes in and out of local schools
  • Helping us run softball taster sessions for local organisations
  • Purchasing new playing and training equipment
  • Paying for coaching, umpiring and training courses
  • Marketing and recruitment

Over the coming months, the Club will be introducing a number of fundraising initiatives, but its first has been launched already...

Earn The Club Money When Ordering From Amazon

Amazon - Click here to order online and earn money for our clubChalfont Softball Club has become an Amazon Associate. What this means is that the Club can earn money every time anyone places an order on the Amazon website after clicking on the link opposite.

The Club will receive a minimum of 5% of any orders that are generated from the links to Amazon on this website. This means that for every £100 our members, friends and family spend on Amazon, the club will be given a minimum of £5. As more orders are placed, the percentage goes up and we could eventually be earning as much as 8%.

This is too good to be true... what is it going to cost me?

Good question. Simple answer... nothing. It does not cost the person placing the Amazon order anything. The products and delivery will cost you exactly the same as they would if you were placing your order with Amazon in your usual way. The only difference is that Amazon effectively pays the Club money for referring the order to them.  In addition, your privacy will be protected throughout the process - the Club will not have access to purchaser details, the only information that Amazon shares with us is what has been ordered, the purchase price and the revenue generated for the Club from the purchase.

Can I let my friends and family know about this page?

Yes, please do. The more people that know about this page, then the more orders that are placed, the more that is spent and the more the Club will earn.

So how do I get started and earn the Club some money?

Simply click on the link above and place your order on Amazon as you normally would.


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