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Friday 02 May 2014

Post-Match Drinks Venue Trial

Over the winter the committee have been looking at various options for a venue for drinks and food following games at Farnham Park. Rather than use the on-site clubhouses like we did last year we initially looked at local public houses as possibilities, however we think we may have found an even better location.

You may or may not be aware, round the corner from Farnham Park is the South Buckinghamshire Golf Club (formally Farnham Park Golf Club). It is a two minute drive away and has a brand new clubhouse and bar.

We have agreed with South Bucks District Council (with the help of BSUK) who run the venue that the bar in the clubhouse will be open from 8.30pm until around 11pm for:
  • Tuesday 6th May - Chalfont Phoenix -v- Chalfont Flames
  • Tuesday 13th May - Chalfont Phoenix -v- Richings Park and Chalfont Flames -v- Maidenhead
We'll use these two dates to test if the clubhouse is a suitable venue for us for the rest of the summer on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The clubhouse apparently has wonderful catering facilities which may mean that food could be available once we have had a chance to have a chat with the bar staff and chef on Tuesday.

You can read more at The website includes a map that shows you how close it is to our home ground.