Indoor Softball League

Our league run an indoor softball league throughout the winter. The games are played at Herschel School in Slough on Tuesday evenings.

Reports from the games we play in the league this winter will appear on this page.

Tuesday 11th January 2011

Match 1: Chalfont vs Richings Park, won 48-25

Our first match of the 2011 Indoor tournament had potential to be a great one from the known history of these 2 clubs, as usual, there was great banter amongst players and an equal display of good softball. CSC started off fielding after winning the coin toss and this was be the beginning of a winning formula. Great defence and pitching kept RP at a very close margin and our batting was slightly ahead to give us a bit of breathing space at the end of the first inning. RP came back strong in the second inning with some good batting and CSC defence managed to keep them with an even score of 25 - 25 to start the bottom of the last inning. CSC batting was tested with some really strong pitching from RP but at the end of the 6 min CSC came through with those all important winning runs.

Match 2: Chalfont vs Rattlesnakes, won 44-(-19)

The Rattlesnakes are a newly formed team in our league and it was good to see a lot of new players this evening so well done on their first night. A great result for CSC after a tough first match, we started batting and even though Rattlesnakes had good moments on defence, our club was stronger on this occasion.
Our club team on the night was: Louie, Gobby, Lester, Tom B., Gwyn, Karen, Sally, Angela, Hannah, and Dani (new member).

Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Match 1: Chalfont vs Ascot, lost 7-56

We started the match by batting first and got off to a slow start but by the end of the 5 min allowed we managed to stay in the “green” (positive points). Some good base running and a couple of homeruns balanced out the score before we hit the field. Once on defense we got into a good position by restricting the Ascot players to singles and fly outs but they managed to have a strong second inning and finishing with a much better result.

Match 2: Chalfont vs Richings Park, lost 10-29

This time we started by fielding first and were able to break the negative momentum from the previous match, was good to see the team pull together and bounce back. It was a good inning for us defensively with some key plays made all around, pitching and a strong left field was making it difficult for batters, not to forget solid catching at first base.

We then came up to bat and even though our offence was strong at times, some good defense from the opposition kept the score in their favor.

Notable players

Home Runs - Angie, Louie, Karen for base running homers twice
Defense - Dan, Neil, Tom B, Emma

Tuesday 26th January 2010

This week was the opposite from 2 weeks ago as we only put out a team of 8 players, but we still represented CSC with our own club members.

Match 1: Chalfont vs Royal Halloway University, won 3-0 (forfeit)

Unfortunately RH University were unable to continue this part of the indoor season and had to forfeit the match.

Match 2: Chalfont vs Richings Park, lost (-8)-40

There was a strong representation from RP club and we just couldn't rise to the challenge, strong defense and unlucky batting made it difficult to get into our normal rhythm and the score reflects this difficulty.

Team on the night: Emma, Sally, Tom B, Lester, Gwyn, Helen & Don (new member)

Tuesday 12th January 2010

Tonight was the start of the 2010 Indoor Softball season from a long break during the holiday season. It was a great night for CSC as we had 14 players turn up on this cold freezing night, we had 7 females who usually train for Hockey join us as the snow prevented their training session.

Match 1: Chalfont vs Richings Park Hawks, won 16-5

We started by fielding first which wasn't an easy task considering only 8 of 14 players can take the field, each position was shared between both innings so everyone received equal playing time. There were some throws that missed the mark but this was short lived once everyone got into the zone and some great plays were converted into outs denying the opposition extra points.

Once we got into the offensive position, it clearly demonstrated how rusty some experienced players were from such a long break away from softball. With some encouragement, we quickly turned the score in our favor and got the victory.

Match 2: Chalfont vs Windsor, lost 2-100

Well, right from the start this match was going to be a challenge as we faced the table leaders. We took the offensive after loosing the coin toss - I can't always guess right - and our bats didn't get off to a good start. We put ourselves into some negative points and battled back with everything we had to offer only just staying above zero, our opposition were just too strong on this night.

Notable Mentions

Everyone put in great effort on the night and deserve to be mentioned starting with: Simon, Rowie, Dave H, Sally, Tom B, Gwyn, Emma, Lou C, Lester, Donna, Neil, Karen & Angie.

Great Offense - Sally hit a Grand Slam
Defense - Simon, Rowie, Neil & Dave H

(Author: Louie Pereira)