Match Reports

These are reports from various games that we have played in the Windsor and Maidenhead District Mixed Softball League.

Each team has it's own way of choosing who writes the match report for a specific game. The Phoenix for example ask the game's donkey to write the report.

28th July 2009 - Rhythm Sticks 10 - 17 Chalfont Phoenix

Well, I suppose the first thing I need to do in this report is apologise to Helen for wrongly accusing her in my last match reports of missing the ball and giving away a Grand Slam. She quite rightly pointed out to me that Knights only scored 1 run off her error and that the Grand Slam came from an "error" from Davey (good hitting from Knights). Consider the record set straight, sorry for the mistake!

So, onto this week's game (hopefully I'll remember things a bit better). We played Rhythm Sticks away and we beat them 17-10! Great result, Phoenix pull another one out of the bag.

Solid base hitting knocked in 9 runs in the first 6 innings, including a fantastic triple base hit from Helen who burnt the outfield. Rhythm had some good batting innings too, but excellent fielding from Phoenix provided 3 shut outs in the game. That said, not all of our fielding was excellent - I got burnt in the outfield to give away a home run (this seems to be becoming a theme... must work on that) and Gobby, who made some very good plays in the outfield taking several catches, also managed some terrible plays including throwing the ball in the direction of Rhythm on the sidelines when he was aiming at Annie on 3 (Donkey). At some point towards the end of the game Geoff had an incident with the Rhythm short stop and 2nd base when he slid into 2nd and took out the baseman. They didn't like it and fronted up to Geoff but he walked away and the boys from Rhythm ended up looking like idiots. Anyway, after the first 6 innings we were 9-10 down, but confident that we could pull something special out of the bag to win the game.

And that's exactly what we did. I'm not sure who batted in the runs, or who scored, other than I stepped up with Davey on 3rd base and although I got an RBI for my crap batting effort, I also managed to keep up my stats of batting 0 and being the first out in every innings I batted in (shame we didn't make it round the order so that I could also have been the last!). I also remember that Geoff stepped up and ripped the ball down the left field line to bat in several runs (it was possibly a home run, I couldn't say for sure) and we ended top of the seventh inning 17-10 up.

We took to the field knowing that we had the win in our sights but also aware that that doesn't necessarily mean anything. We let a few (maybe 2) players get on base, but we also managed to grab a couple of outs, and we had 7 runs in hand so we weren't too worried. One of Rhythm's big hitters stepped up to the plate and I don't know whether he thought it was his time to be a hero or what but he connected with the ball and sent it deep into the left field between Gobby and I. Gobby called the ball as his "I've got it Clare, I've got it Clare", just before we both got to it, so I ducked (let the boys play I say) and let Gobby take the glory catch (I am just so giving...), and he did to make it a final innings shut out and confirm the victory to Phoenix.

Well done Phoenix - another league win for the season!

(Author: Clare Winter) 

7th July 2009 - Windsor Knights 21 - 6 Chalfont Phoenix

The build up to Phoenix's latest match saw a last minute change of venue as Windsor Knights ground was one again fully booked, so Phoenix were granted home advantage - no long trek to Ascot, great stuff!

The match started well with Annie getting a solid base hit to left field and Gobby stepping up and smacking the ball clear of the outfield for a 2 RBI home run. An unusually solid start for Phoenix (we tend to like to put ourselves under pressure) - now to make sure we keep it tight in the field... unfortunately we didn't. Knights are a team who can pick and chose where to hit the ball (including whether to tonk the ball over the outfield, or drop it in front of them) and this combined with 3 walks in the innings led to Knights closing out the innings with a 7 run lead.

Undettered, Phoenix persevered and closed the gap at the top of the 2nd innings by batting in a further 3 runs (well done Louie, HJ and Simon). Looking at the final score I would think that Knights probably scored a couple to extend the gap again, but I don't have the scoresheet in front of me right now, so I don't know.

"So, what else happened in the game?" I hear you cry, "we don't care about the details, just give us the funny parts." Well ok, I don't like to disappoint my audience, so in no particular order, here are some of the more memorable things that happened:

  • Davey forgot the primary rule of running round the bases - listen to your basecoach - and in a world of his own ran to 3 on a fly ball despite being told not to and, having not tagged up, made a single out into a double play. Oops.
  • In contrast, Wardy, on 1, decided to listen to his basecoach and was busy discussing what was for dinner with Annie when he should have been running to 2. Funnily enough, he got out too. Oops.
  • Kitty decided that the best way to field a ground ball was with her glove waving above the ground and her legs apart... what should have been a double base hit became a grand slam. Not the best, but in truth, the game was gone and it was nice of Kitty to sacrifice herself for the sake of providing us with a good opportunity for banter.
  • I should say that prior to that error, Kitty made two superb catches at RF to make some crucial outs - it's a bit mean of me to focus on the ground ball that got away!
  • Woody and Annie also made catches (they told me I had to write that or else they'd vote me donkey for the rest of the season and then I'd have to write the match reports... hang on, I do that anyway... where's the delete key?).

"But how did the game end?" Well, we had a rather unsuccessful batting effort in the 5th innings but we managed to squeeze one run in to close the lead to 14 runs meaning that Knights had to bat out the innings and score 1 run to force the win on mercy. We took the field and managed to hold out for one batter, but the inevitable happened and Knights scored the winning run..

On the plus side, we finished in time for Geoff and Simon to make it to their hockey game and we had a nice drink in the pub afterwards, so it could have been worse.

MVP - Louie for his carbon footprint: driving all the way back from Manchester to bat twice.

Donkey - Geoff for running off to play hockey rather than going to the pub for a beer.

(Author: Clare Winter)

2nd July 2009 - BA Flyers 25-23 Chalfont Flames

Dan Lovelace has put together a movie as his match report. You can view it on YouTube here -

23rd June 2009 - Richings Park Eagles 16-27 Chalfont Phoenix

Chalfont Phoenix managed to record their 3rd win of the season on Tuesday night away to Richings Park Eagles.  A pleasing turn around after the previous two games where they didn't really fulfil their potential.

Clearly the newly devised warm-up worked a treat (but I would say that as I was partly responsible for it) as Phoenix batted in around 5 runs in the first innings - unheard of at most games this season.  Taking to the field in the first innings, however, things didn't start-off too well when the Eagles short-stop stepped up and, with never-before-seen power, hit a home-run clear over centre right/right field - clearly he'd been eating his spinach prior to the game.  Fortunately though that was only one run and no one else scored in the inning.

I'm a little sketchy on the details of the rest of the game and the order in which things happened (clearly my softball brain had disengaged after a two week rest) but I seem to remember the following incidents:

  • 2 home runs from Louie (I think this won him MVP but the aforementioned softball brain wasn't working and I can't actually remember).
  • Home runs from Gobby, Davey and Simon and a cheeky one from Geoff.
  • A comedy home run from Annie after inviting a run down situation, running towards the fielder with the ball, somehow forcing the fielding error and then realising she was running the wrong way before turning round and running home.  Surely donkey votes beckoned?
  • Gobby shouting at everyone for base coaching Annie when it was his job.  A good point, but if we hadn't shouted we would never have had such comedy entertainment from Annie as she tried to avoid the out!
  • HJ doing a strange dance in a circle whilst trying to catch a foul ball.  Several donkey votes for that one.
  • The pitcher for the Eagles stepping up and hitting the ball miles over my head.  No excuses about super-human strength on that one - I'd seen him do it before, I was just being crap.  Fortunately for me Gobby and Davey realised I was going to be crap and backed me up nicely.
  • A fantastic catch of a tricky ball from Helen at right field despite the rubbish guidance from me as to where to stand for it.
  • Gobby being "too scared" to attack the ball to make a catch.
  • Woody deciding that at 3-2 down and 10 runs up she wasn't going to take a walk after the three previous batters were all walked.  Flying out, but making us look sporting in the process. 1 MVP vote gained.
  • Geoff and HJ getting in each others way at home plate - HJ scrabbling to get the ball, making the tag and then dropping it as Geoff collided into her.  Suffice it to say Geoff got several donkey votes for this and despite HJ's late charge for the title after her weird dancing, this incident clinched it in Geoff's favour.
  • Finally, little Jack Turner being so pleased with his new softball glove that he threw it on the floor and ignored it for the rest of the evening.  What a primadonna!!

Anyway, it was a great win for the Phoenix who have hopefully put their batting demons to rest now and currently find themselves in the middle of the table halfway through the season.  A great position to be in for a late charge to the top!

Next week the Phoenix face Windsor Bears at home.  The EGM to vote in the club's constitution follows this game so please come along and watch and then turn up and vote!

(Author: Clare Winter)

18th June - Chalfont Flames 11-27 Rhythm Rascals

My first thought on waking was that little elves had visited, they hadn't left shoes but had been maliciously beating me with tiny hammers during my slumber. Then I remembered Chalfont Flames vs Rhythm Rascals and the fact that I probably haven't ran so much since the time I accidentally winked at Peter Andre a few years back.

Although I'm told we lost I'm not sure I believe it. Things I can remember are as follows. Two great home runs from Chris and Tom, also a run through to home from Lester. Lester's two nice catches stick in my mind though they may have earned him the donkey. It's a pity you didn't slyly catch the fly-ball (is that what it's called?) that I dropped, though maybe if I'd shouted for it you would have! I'll have to try that next time.

The game clearly must have looked exciting from afar as we were raided by a canine pitch invader. I'm not sure which team our hairy friend was supporting but, although he managed to steal the ball, I don't think he tagged anyone. Scatter, one of the opposition players, also tried to get lairy with the tagging by charging our players, he thought he was scary but we knew it was just an act.

Later on in the game Blue had to give a stern telling off to the other team captain and I think he even threatened to take some action against them so clearly we should have been awarded some extra runs for that. Bearing this in mind, if you include the points that should have been awarded for a certain athletic stance, which I'm certain made us all play better, then there can be no doubt that we're all winners.

Big up yourselves. Shouts out to fellow newbie Dan for some great hits and nice running, thanks to Woody for telling me when to run, Tarina and Kendall for their great playing and encouraging accents, Chris and Lester for fielding advice and quality biscuits to everyone else!

A whole lot of fun, and we even cleaned the field of litter like some flower happy love villagers. At the end of the day we're just great.

End result 11-27.

(Author: Aaron Grant)

4th June 2009 - Chalfont Flames 7-15 Richings Park Hawks

The Flames suffered a disappointing loss this Thursday as they were beaten by RP Falcons 7-15 at Gold Hill Common.

Nevertheless the game featured many positives as the squad continued to develop both new and existing players. Debutantes Daniel Rose and Kendall Young both made strong contributions, and the first year players continued to make improvements. Some strong fielding throughout the game by the Flames was highlighted by a great outfield catch by Emma Allen for the second successive week, as well as some good work between Chris Howse and Tarina Barter in the infield.

Highlights of the batting were a pair of two run homers, one from Luis Emiliani, and one from Tom Hammill. Aside from these the Flames struggled to put enough runs on the board and it proved costly as their opponents rallied late to add 10 runs in the final two innings.

(Author: Tom Hammill)

26th May 2009 - Chalfont Phoenix 16-8 Rhythm Sticks

Chalfont Phoenix returned to winning ways on Tuesday night with a well earned 16-8 win over a Sticks side that had beaten Windsor Knights the previous week.

An unfortunate set-back was to happen before the game with the news that Mr Consistency and chief sweet buyer Neil Turner had cracked a finger during Sunday's training and was unable to play. Thankfully Captain Brown was able to re-jig the line-up to utilise the arm of "Mr GB" Christopher Gobby Yoxall (yes that is his real middle name...) and put him in Neil's usual left-field position.

A slow start, the unfortunate sun position and some fielding errors from Phoenix allowed Sticks to take an early 3-0 lead in their first two at-bats. Note for next week - please get someone to move a tree or the sun so Sarah Wood is not blinded at first base!

However Phoenix were keen to put in a confidence boosting performance before Nationals weekend and consistent base-hitting saw them score five runs in their second inning.

The third innings saw Phoenix outscore their opponents 4-2. Following this good pitching and fielding helped Phoenix restrict Sticks to three runs in four innings. MVP Simon Beedell led the way with some great infield plays and even let his wife have a go... ;-) During this time Phoenix increased their lead to eigth with great hitting from the whole team. A highlight was Chris Yoxall's home run over left-field, despite the temptation to aim for the local dog walker refusing to move from right-field!

Facing a 16-8 deficit at the top of the seventh inning Sticks were unable to score any runs and the umpire duly called "Ballgame".

Batting performances of note were:

  • Simon Beedell - 4 RBIs
  • David Crossman - 3 RBIs
  • Chris Yoxall - 1 home run
  • Geoff Brown - sacrifice fly
  • Mark Wardman - batting 1.000 and 1 RBI
  • HJ and Helen Turner batting 0.750

Apologies to anyone I've missed off as I have the memory of a sieve!MVP - Simon Beedell - great batting and short-stop fielding
Donkey - Mark Wardman - slipping at first (again!) while trying to run to second

The MVP votes were spread amongst various people with Simon Beedell receiving four votes and various others two, but donkey was pretty unanimous!

Next up for the Phoenix is the postponed 2008 Nationals competition in Manchester this weekend.

(Author: Mark Wardman)

20th May 2009 - Chalfont Flames 6-26 Scorpions

On the face of it, this was a strong win to Scorpions, a Windsor based softball club, by twenty runs but to their credit the spirit of the Chalfont Flames team remained high throughout the softball game.

Scorpions started strong, base hitting well and bringing in seven runs, Flames under pressure. The Flames replied well with Chris Howse coming up third in the line up and one down hitting a great home run. The Scorpions adept fielding had the Flames back in the field after holding seven batters to only two runs.

Chalfont Flames kept the Scorpions runs down in the second innings, conceding only three runs and two runs in the second and third innings, The Flames team were putting the skills learnt during training into full effect, good team work and thinking about the plays.

In the fourth innings the Flame added a run to their total and the Scorpions getting back in the swing, scored another seven runs before their innings was brought to an end by Chris Howse who caught a fly ball at short stop.

Top of the fifth of innings saw Flames captain Tom Bayley make his first ever outfield catch, getting out a strong batter who had been base hitting for the first four innings. The other two outs were through great infield plays with outs at first and second base.

The game was ended after the fifth innings on mercy as the opposition were ahead twenty runs, but the Flames sprits were high through their good team work.

(Author: Tom Bayley)

30th April 2009 - Chalfont Flames 19-10 BA Flyers

The Chalfont Flames emerged victorious on Thursday evening, with a 19-10 win over The BA Flyers at their home ground of Gold Hill Common. Flames captain Tom Bayley fielded a balanced lineup of some experienced hands alongside first year players such as Liz Williamson, Donna Manley, and Emma Allen.

After a disappointing 1st innings in the field the Flames benefited from some errant pitching by BA to level the scores heading into the 2nd. Improvements in the field, with good catching by Dave Howells and some confident play from Donna, in combination with some strong batting from the likes of Lou Cremin and Chris Yoxall saw the Flames extend their lead throughout the 2nd and 3rd innings. A first career Home-Run for Tom Hammill saw Chalfont extend their lead to 19-6 by the end of the 3rd innings.

As the gloom descended the Flames line up adopted a cavalier attitude to batting in order to ensure a result was achieved. The 5th innings saw the pitching of Lester Deeble close out the game swiftly and with his usual asinine grace. A well played game by all the Flames suggests that it could be a successful season in the upcoming summer months.

(Author: Tom Hammill)

21st April 2009 - Chalfont Phoenix 2-12 Richings Park Eagles

The 2009 season got underway with the nice weather conditions (although a little windy) and on Gold Hill Common, Chalfont St. Peter, the new venue for Chalfont Phoenix, and as with most teams starting life at a new ground, the typical curse of losing unfortunately came with it.
Although Phoenix conceded 12 runs, it was not due to bad fielding, but some very good base hitting and running from the opposition. Neil Turner took several catches during the game, despite the swirling wind, to help him win the Most Valuable Player award. There was good backing up from the outfield as well and some quality fielding from Mark Wardman at short stop.
Helen Turner made an interesting play when deciding to juggle with the ball, before diving on to 1st base to make the out.
From a batting point of view, Phoenix could have been better, and with just two runs scored during the game it is something to work on for future weeks. Richings Park Eagles fielding well, which didnt help, when the Phoenix were attempting to base hit.
Chalfont Phoenix travel to Windsor Bears in their next game with both teams trying to chalk up their first victory of the season.

(Author: Dave Howells)