Match Reports

These are reports from various games that we have played in the Windsor and Maidenhead District Mixed Softball League.

Each team has it's own way of choosing who writes the match report for a specific game. The Phoenix for example ask the game's donkey to write the report.

02 June 2010 - Rattlesnakes 7-24 Chalfont Flames

Team line up in batting order: Don (CR) Liz (1) Chris S (3) Emma (2) Lester (P) Mel (C) Harvey (LF) Lou (CL) Chris H (SS) Clare (RF)

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

To begin a game of softball normally requires an umpire but on Wednesday night the umpire didn't turn up so between the Flames and the Rattlesnakes we did it ourselves.

Ist Innings
The game is ready to begin and Don is leading off but where is he? He has only popped to the local pub to use the facilities. (Thought I had the donkey vote for sure) the 1st innings goes absolutely great with eleven runs on the board before we get the opponents out for three and then Clare drops a sitter out on right field.

2nd Innings
Not as good as the first only getting two runs but prevented the opposition getting any runs at all with a couple of great catches.

3rd Innings
No runs this innings for either team.

4th Innings
Five runs for us and one to the home team. Mel playing on catch shouting "down the hole" - great banter.

5th Innings
No score straight out on the first three batters.

6th Innings
Clare was goaded into avoiding the walk... and hit the rubbish! And Mel takes a forward K! Harvey takes a couple of slides to stop the ball and has a bit of trouble getting up (old bones!)

7th Innings
We take the innings four to two in the last.

An amazing game for the Chalfont Flames having just enough players in the heat. Lester remembers to give the opposing 3three cheers this week before the team talk and we ask him why... JUST BECAUSE!

That's a ball game 24-7 to the mighty Chalfont Flames.

Donkey Clare

(Author: Don Chester)

28 May 2010 - Chalfont Flames 26-6 Rhythm Rascals

The Mighty Flames!

Despite not actually receiving 1 donkey vote I awoke this morning to this message (from the actual donkey):

"Morning catch! Don't forget to write the match report today... Email it to me once you're done and I will get it on the website. Don't worry, you will get all credit."

My first thoughts?... well quite frankly, they're not suitable to be written on our website, but still, imagine my relief that I will get all credit!!!... phew...

I will write a report as best I can, however I don't remember much and I don't have the score sheet (again the actual donkey has that!) but Woody assures me the scoring was done so well it would have been all I needed!

Playing the mighty Rhythm Rascals... possibly? It promised to be a good game, we were drawn on points in the league and only run difference seperated us (their 33 to our 2 I think). With a team of oldies, newbies and Lester you never know what you're going to get and I don't think anyone at the beginning expected the result at the end. Everyone turned up keen and ready (with the exception of Davey who looked genuinely peeved we were even going to play and not just go straight to the pub) and with a virtually untested infield line-up we took to the first inning not sure of what to expect. Now this is where it gets hazy and the pesky score sheet would help; I think the first batter was Rhythms right-field home-run specialist (the clue's in the name) and he placed it perfectly just over Hannah in right-field... 1 run to them... this could be a long game. I think some solid pitching from Lester meant they then had 1 batter strike out, there was also a catch at 1... a head butt at 1... and I have no idea where the other out came from but we kept it to 1 run and got batting!

Once again Flames I apologise, I know Don came in, for the life of me I cannot remember who it was that batted him in. Karen had a solid game batting all night so I'll hazard a guess it was either KJ or Chris... I won't judge anyone that just stops reading now! With some fairly stong fielding from Rhythm we could only get Don back home and before we knew it we were back fielding. Again the facts and figures escape me, but I remember some good play by Tom Bayley debuting in a league match at 3, stopping a couple and making some good throws to Karen at 2. All 3 of our outs in the 2nd inning came from Karen at 2... this possibly could have been the inning Karen caught someone out too... who knows? I think they did still manage to get a couple of runs in... but the fielding was fairly solid! The 3rd inning fielding was much the same, Tom, Karen and Harvey working well to pick off the lead runner. A special mention to Harvey who is our newest member, he claimed to be rusty but made some good stops at short stop and throws to 2 and 1in the 2nd/3rd innings to keep the outs coming.

Our batting was really starting to come into it's own in the 2nd and 3rd innings with the highlights being Dan Rose's home runs, the first placed perfectly between Left-field and Centre-left. At his next bat LF and CF determined not to be shown up again stood quite far back... so naturally he hit right-field, another home run, batting HJ and Tom in as well. By the time he batted again he had the entire out-field scared and because they all stood so far back (or possibly he was tired from all his running? who knows) he dropped it in the gap and settled for I think a 2 base hit?!?! Anywho the point being? Fantastic play and some much needed runs that left us with great momentum.

Special mention should go to the 3rd inning, in which at 2 down, through some aggressive running (the sort only 2 down allows) we were able to bat another 10 runs in! There were a few lucky errors from the Rhythm fielders but more so the fantastic batting from us and the great base coaching left us with a very comfortable cushion.

We went into the 4th and 5th inning with a lot of confidence. Again the when, the where and the how are a mystery, Lou made a great catch at centre-left, Karen gave up using her glove and just started kicking the ball, Chris showed the cob-webs were gone with some great catches at Short-Stop (subbing in for Harvey) and a fantastic throw in to 1 to try and get a double play from a runner that didn't tag up... (if I could catch a ball to save my life it would have been a fantastic out... sadly I can't). I believe Lester had another couple of strike outs with again some fairly strong pitching, he did however walk 1 man; we'll pretend it was tactical though as it was "Rhythms right-field home run specialist" and he'd got home-runs every time he batted at this point! By the end of the 5th inning we had won on mercy... it's just occurred to me, I don't even know the score... this is a rubbish report, 26-6?!?!? Tom Bayley was adamant we carry on, and play for fun, which had a lot to do with him being next up to bat for us. He did however have a fantastic hit and we'll forgive the fact we had to play another couple of innings, the pub was so near... yet so far.

Now reading this report (if you are indeed still reading it), you may think, wow everyone played well... who could possibly be donkey? Tom? Karen? Mel for her refusal to stop running. Ever?... it couldn't possibly be Lester, with his captaining a side to a great victory, his solid batting and pitching... or could it? Ball game was eventually called, and Lester insisted we go and huddle round for our debrief (he's very professional these days!) so professional that he forgot to go and thank the other team, or cheer for them in a huddle or even cheer for the blue in a huddle! With a cry of panic from him and a chorus of "donkey!" from us we quickly got up to high-five the opposition. We returned to our debrief where Lester like any good captain congratulated his team for the win and pointed out the highlights, the home runs, the fielding... and maybe just maybe he could have escaped donkey this time... well no. Clare had some extra points to add, "listen to base coaches... etc" the standard stuff and one last point; that as a team, "when we are 2 down... " (you remember reading about the 3rd inning don't you?) "... and Liz is up to bat, Lester don't tell everyone to get their gloves on and get ready to field, have some faith in your team, you got 10 more runs in!" and with that it was signed, sealed and delivered (Emma that's for you), EEYORE!

MVP-Dan Rose
DONKEY-Lester "Pitch Perfect" Deeble

The team: HJ, Davey, Harvey, Chris, Julia, Don, Tom B, Lester, Dan R, Liz, Karen, Mel, Hannah, Lou C.

25 May 2010 - Windsor Knights 17-2 Chalfont Phoenix

I'll keep this brief (mainly because I'm writing this well after the event, can't remember a great deal and can't ramble on as eloquently as Liz).

After an excellent draw with Rhythm Sticks the previous week, Phoenix went to Knights with confidence high, but knowing that this was going to be a tough game.  Phoenix fielded well, but didn't get the bats going and when combined with excellent batting from Knights, this resulted in a disappointing loss.

The bits I can remember:

  • Windsor Knights batted very well and seemed to find the gaps almost every time (hence they obtained 17 runs despite our relatively tight fielding).  Notable batting came from Martin Cartledge who seemed to have mastered landing the ball in the outfield just inside the foul ball line (on both sides) for home runs.
  • Gobby was our best batter, being the only person to consistently get on base (most of us were consistent in not getting on base).  I think he was one of our runs, no idea claimed the RBIs, Louie was the other run (I think Gobby claimed the RBI for that one).
  • I dropped an easy catch in the outfield (seems to be a recurring theme), but I was given the chance to redeem myself on the next bat and duly did.
  • We lost on mercy after 5 innings at which point Knights kindly offered to field one more innings and let us bat all the way through our order... at this point we all relaxed and started to bat properly (basehitting, runs scored, bases hustled, etc) - where was that when it mattered?

That's it, except to say that I was voted Donkey, not for falling over when basecoaching 1, dropping an easy catch in the outfield or for my poor batting, but for heading straight off after the game to work (yawn) and thus not joining the team at the pub.  This begs the question - if my poor form continues, but I go to the pub every week after the game and stay the longest, will I be voted MVP?!

MVP - Gobby for his excellent batting and fielding.
Donkey - Clare for being antisocial.

(Author: Clare Winter)

18th May 2010 - Chalfont Phoenix 15-15 Rhythm Sticks

Chalfont Phoenix entered the game having lost out in a close game to Richings Park the previous week. Anticipation was high of a good performance against Rhythm Sticks who have had a difficult start the season, losing their opening three games. Pre-match entertainment was provided by Lester who made a very early bid for donkey of the day by forgetting his shorts and then complaining that the spare shorts Neil provided at short notice where too small.

The opening exchanges left the Phoenix trailing 0-6 at the end of the second inning that was brought to a close with Dave, a centre right, making a good catch and getting the ball in quickly for Gobby to make the tag at second base. Rhythm had capitalized on some good base hitting and a couple of outfield miscommunications resulting in catching opportunities being missed while Chalfont had failed to score the few runners that had made it on to base. Lester underlined his donkey intentions by failing, as base coach, to guide lead-off hitter Neil safely to base on a right field double/triple.

Chalfont started to stem the Stick's progress in the third, only allowing one runner to return home. Gobby brought their inning to a close with a solid double play by tagging the runner leaving second before making the force-out at second base. It did look however that Chalfont would not take advantage of the situation when the opening two batters of their inning both were out in quick succession to fly-balls. But up stepped Dave to hit a cracking double and was scored when Emma stepped up and singled. Next came Neil, with a score to settle from his first at-bat. Taking base-coach decisions out of the equation, he hit a home run into right field and halved the deficit in the game to 3-7.

Rhythm extended their lead by two in the fourth innings with their first two batters hitting a home run and triple respectively, the triple courtesy of Neil misjudging a ball hit just over the infield but far enough in front of him not to make the catch. However Chalfont continued to peg them back, Woody completely toasted left field for a home run as lead-off (helping her to bag the MVP award) and Lester followed up with a huge double RBI home run over centre left. Errors allowed two more runners on base to give Phoenix hope of adding to the score, but two quick catches given to Rhythm's second base closed the innings with Chalfont trailing 6-7.

Neil's nightmare continued in the top of the fifth when he again demonstrated how not to field a ground ball, gifting Rhythm a couple runs - he was starting to make his move for donkey of the day. After Chalfont three up three downed the inning closed 6-12. Top of six saw Rhythm fail to score with Phoenix managing to prevent a runner scoring from third base during any of the next three at-bats. A good hit saw Rob get in to base, and after being progressed by HJ, he made it home on a great double over centre left from Lester at two down.

The donkey award was clinched by Neil in the top of the seventh when he was hit over when one of the Rhythm girls got lucky and really caught hold of a hit down the left line. Two runners had returned home when Gobby closed yet another innings with a double when Lester fed him for a force at second before he threw to Woody for the out at first.

With eight runs to make up in the last innings, things looked bleak for Chalfont and the clouds blackened further when the two outs were made in the first three ad-bats. Neil stepped up and hit a double to score Dave and progress Emma to third and Rowie reached first on a timely power bunt to bring Gobby to the plate with loaded bases. Boom - Gobby hit a bomb to centre right that landed in the bushes - grand slam - surely still three runs behind and two down it could not be done? Rhythm were getting more and more nervous. Woody hit a line drive down the left line and was brought home when Rob drilled a double through centre field. 13-15. HJ base hit allowing Rob to round third base and force a wild overthrow of the catcher at home. 14-15 with HJ, the tying runner at third. Lester stepped up and singled, but more importantly the hit scored HJ and the scores were level. Our league no longer plays out tied games, so when Donna struck out to close the game the teams headed to the pub having shared the points.

Rhythm will have gone home from this game feeling they had the game won and let it slip when it really matted. Chalfont can look back to lots of positives and the fact that if some basics had been better on some key plays this is a game they could and maybe should have won.

MVP: Woody
Donkey: Neil

(Author: Neil Turner)

11th May 2010 - Chalfont Phoenix 14-18 Richings Park Eagles

This match started off well with us holding the RP Eagles to a one run and getting four runs in from Clare's RBI to score Neil, then a HR from Gobby to score Clare, ending with a SAC fly from myself to score Sara all in the first inning. The second and third inning was very quiet from both sides with no runs scored, defence was strong. All was going in our favor until the sixth inning when a few errors were committed and I lost the strike zone with my pitching, Eagles took advantage by scoring seven runs putting us one run behind going into the last inning. We found ourselves in the need of a few runs to end victorious but our batting just wasn't there on this occasion.

I think we played well during most of the match and it proves that 1 bad inning can change the game, lots of lessons learned from this match.

MVP - Gobby - for his three HR's and defensive play
Donkey - Louie - for dancing in a circle instead of making a play at first to get the out....(harsh, but it does happen)

(Author: Louie Pereria)

27th April 2010 - BA Jets 25-6 Chalfont Phoenix

This was the first match of the 2010 season for Phoenix and my debut as captain. Everything was looking promising as the team was organized, sun was shinning, and the pitch looked great.

Although the score comes accross as a bad day for Phoenix, we actually played a solid game defensively, our batting didn't match up to our opponent. On this day, BA Jets found all the gaps and were good at keeping the ball out of our reach. They started with 9 runs in the first inning and after 2 shut out innings they scored 6 in the fourth and another 10 in the fifth inning.

We started off the third inning strong with a short rally to score 3 runs with a solid triple from Simon. A few more runs came through in the fourth and fifth inning but we ran out of time as the game ended after 5 full innings.

There were some great fielding moments by Neil in left field, Tom H. in center right with a great running catch, and superb infield teamwork by Simon and Rowie at short-stop and second base.

Thank you to Dave H., Tom H, and Tarina for moving up into Phoenix from our Flames team, they made a positive contribution to our team.

After voting and some interresting comments, the following was determined:

MVP - Neil, for solid fielding in left field
Donkey - draw between Louie and Tom H, for kicking the ball instead of picking it up and throwing to first base (Louie) and confused base coaching on third putting Neil in a run down...."GO..STOP...Come on...NO...DUH" (Tom H.)

(Author: Louie Pereira)