Softball Tournaments

As with previous seasons we will be entering a host of softball tournaments this summer. If you would like to play weekend softball tournaments this season then please download our form and return it to Phil Masters, our Tournaments Officer.

We are looking to enter the following tournaments:

Diamond Tournaments

These are a series of 3 events held at Farnham Park in Slough. They're local which means not having to worry about travelling and accommodation and very well run with lots of toilets, bars, food outlets and if you fancy a party in the evening then there'll be a live band playing on the Saturday nights in the main clubhouse. It would be really great to get both a "B" and a "C" grade team entered for these.

BA Tournament

This is held at the BA social club ground in Heston. The fields and facilities are fantastic and again it's pretty local. The standard of play is high and it's a really fun and friendly tournament.

Pioneers Tournament

This is the premier tournament in the UK. It is held at Canterbury University and the teams stay in the student houses. The facilities are excellent and the fields superb. All fields have outfield fences ( for the home-run hitters out there ) and back stops ( for the catchers ). This is the best tournament for socialising as many parties occur in the student accommodation and it means sleeping in proper bedrooms with real beds - none of this camping malarkey!!

Bristol Open

Held at Clifton College just outside of Bristol, this is for "A" and "B" grade teams only so it's great experience as the opposition is always fierce. The fields are all situated around a large central clubhouse / bar with most teams camping just next to the fields.
A great tournament if the weather's good. For those of you that don't like camping a Travelodge is 10 minutes down the road with rooms from £19 per night. This will be a great event for the more experienced players.

Windsor Tournament

Our local Tourny run by our League. This is a "B" and "C" grade event only and has been a great advert for the League over the years. It's great for us too as Wokingham isn't far away so travel and accommodation isn't a problem. It would be really nice to get two teams entered into this and to take home some shiny trophies!!

Bristol Rec

Also held at Clifton College just outside of Bristol, this is for "C" and "D" grade teams only and as such there is more of an emphasis on the fun side of playing with many teams playing in fancy dress!!! Normally one of the most fun tournaments in the calendar with most teams electing to camp on-site.

Edinburgh Festiball

It's a long way away but definitely worth the journey. Incredibly good fields and fantastic scenery with the team staying in a rented house in Edinburgh. The "fringe" is on so there's no shortage of evening entertainment. A great way to finish up the season.

Solent Last-Ball

For those of you that need one last Softball fix before the long winter sets in this Tourny is held in Southampton. It's fun and friendly but on-site camping is only for the very brave as it gets cold in late September!!

If you have any questions about these events then please ask.