2009 Diamond Series 1

Game 1: 4-8 loss against Ascot

Unlike first games at most tournaments we started quickly and scored three of our four runs in the first innings of this game. Sarah Wood led off with a wonderful line drive down the left and Neil Turner hit in two runs batting at number four. But from there the game tightened until Ascot blew the game open with a three run homer over centre field followed by another three runs in the next inning. Our batting sucked (or that's what my notes say) for the rest of the game and we never looked like getting back into it.

Game 2: 13-10 win against Meteors

Meteors started quickly with some effective base hitting, scoring four runs in the first before Simon Beedell closed out their innings taking two catches at short stop. Credit to us, our heads didn't go down and we followed by scoring our first four runners of the innings including an excellent triple from Simon.

Mistakes in the infield by both teams was the story during the second and third innings, with highlights being a brilliant three RBI triple from Tom Bayley and the Meteors hitting a three run homer over Sally Maxted in right field.

Entering the bottom of the fourth the scores we tied 10-10 we knew it would be the last innings and we just had to put one run on the board to win the game. Clare Winter base hit, Geoff Brown progressed her on a pop fly to left field and Rowie Beedell continued with the team thing and took a walk. All that was left was Neil to step up and put a three run homer over left field to win the game.

Game 3: 7-15 loss against Oxford Spirits

The Spirits started with an innings where they seemed to be able to put them ball anywhere in the outfield that we were not. Louie Pereira took a fine catch in centre right, but the Spirits hit a few home runs down the right, one miles over left field and another perfectly bisecting left and left centre field. The long innings was finally brought to an end by Neil taking a sliding catch in short left field.

Chalfont's struggled with the bat, the highlight of the first two innings being a RBI double from Helen Turner. However the defense tightened and we limited them to a miserly two runs in the next three innings - Neil took a carbon copy sliding catch who could be accused of playing to the crowd and the infield made some solid plays left by Helen Johnston at first base.

Chalfont added three runs in the last innings which included a homer over left field from Neil, Tom hitting strongly through 2nd and Geoff hitting and RBI double. But unfortunatly the difference was too large to make up.

Game 4: 6-7 loss against Voodoos

A game we could have won, but lost in the first innings. They didn't bat well but scored five in the first and we opened up with only Helen Johnston managing to make it on base. The second innings saw us go a further run down, closed out by Chris Howse (2B) and Sarah Wood (3B) taking catches. Geoff led off with a double but our following batters failed to capitalise.

Finally we woke up in the field, with some excellent infield plays and outfield catches. This seemed to spur on the team and it was the third inning where we made a move with the bat, putting five runs on the board. Louie hitting a huge RBI triple, Neil a two RBI homer and Geoff a homer got us back in the game and we went into the bottom of the last needing two runs to win.

Woody got us going by getting on base. Louie stepped up and hit a long fly ball into the outfield, but unfortunately we couldn't capitalise - Woody left the base early (?) and was called out for not tagging up. Next up Rowie, who does the job and gets on base. Up stepped Neil - he hit long to right field and looked as if it could win the game, but right field pulled out a great catch to win the game for the Voodoos.

Game 5: 4-15 loss against Tainted Glove

Chalfont started this game like a rabbit trapped in headlights. Maybe it was the pre-game discussion about whether the banana is a fruit or a herb that distracted us - I don't know - but something has to be the reason for conceeding thirteen runs in the first innnings.

So what happened... mmm... one of their girls hit a home run just over Louie and Neil and HJ had one split them. HJ finally fielded one on the outfield with her glove, Rowie took a great catch at third and Neil took a crack on the knee fielding a grounder causing him to go down like he had been shot. Let's just forget this one.

Highlights - Neil hit a home run and there were RBI doubles from Rowie and Chris. Oh - for the record, the banana is a herbaceous fruit.

Game 6: 5-13 loss against Solent C

After catching up with Sal, Tom, Louie and Kirsty who had camped overnight to take in the evenings entertainment and Clare, Woody, Liz and Simon who had laeft us early on Saturday we took the field. A typical Sunday morning start - Solent's first at bat scoring a home run on what was at most a base hit. This set the tone of the innings which included their most well built guy stepping up and slotting a huge home run between Neil in left and Helen in center left - morning!

Five down and up against it already Chalfont made a promising start with doubles from Neil, Helen and Louie. Two on the board. The following two innings Solent widened the gap by three, good plays in field from Simon at short stop and two good catches by Woody at third prevented Chalfont falling behind further.

Four more runs by Solent in the last meant we needed eight to level, however Simon's double to right field turned out to be the only highlight and that was very quickly that. Best wishes to HJ who misjudged a flyball playing first and ended up taking a truip to A+E.

Game 7: 7-10 lost against Raiders

An annoying game where Chalfont didn't do much wrong in the infield but through their persistant base hitting and always finding the best bounce Raiders managed to take an 8-4 lead after two innings.

Chalfont welcomed Keith Jameson from Richings Park to pitch - he did brilliantly at the plate and batted well to boot, taking a key walk and getting on base twice more.

Highlights - Louie had a good game at short including some funny dancing around a base and combining with Chris Howse to make a tag at second. Woody failed to stop two drives down the third base line and Rowie dropped a few at First base so the decision was made to swap - predictably Woody made some good play on first and Rowie made a good stop and throw to get an out at second. Things with the bat didn't got that well, Woody had a great hit down the left field line and Emma Louiee Allen showed great patience in taking a walk with loaded bases in the last.

15th/16th Playoff: 11-10 win against Squares

Chalfont started the game strongly, preventing the Squares from opening their account in the first innings. Chalfont loaded up the bases and up stepped John Middlemiss (guesting from Oxford Spirits) hit a grand slam through right field. Squares finally got on the board in the second innings, scoring three runs before two outs by Helen Turner at first put pay to their recovery. Chalfonts two runs in their second innings put them 6-3 and they strengthened their grip on the game futher by holding the squares to no runs in the next with the help of two stikeouts.

Chalfont failed to extend the lead with their next bat, but had their lead cut by a player they had lent the Squares. Neil Turner stepped up to bat only to be taunted by Tom Bayley in Chalfonts right field - it had the effect of a red rag to a bull and Neil sent the ball through Tom for a two run homer.

It looked as if Chalfont had put the game out of reach by running in five in the next including an excellent double from Chris and Simon with a solid hit to right field, however needing seven to win, the Squares started scoring and Chalfont started to fall apart. Louie made a comedy trhow from the ground and Rowie and John crashed into each other fielding a ball. However they managed to hold enough together to get the final out leaving the Squares one run short.

Tournament Round-up

A bit thank you must go to Rowie for organising the weekend. Everyone had a wonderful time on and off the field. Thank you goes to Kirsty for her support over the weekend - we look forward to seeing you on the field at the next tournament.