2009 Diamond Series 2

Despite finishing 19th overall everybody seemed to enjoy themselves over the weekend. The weather was a bit hit and miss for the tournament with rain most of Saturday. The wet conditions meant that play was a bit quicker than usual with ground balls traveling further so our fielding had to be tight - which it was for the whole weekend.

After losing our first match we kept our spirits high and went on to beat Rhythm Bruisers comfortably. There was plenty of opportunity for players to try different positions over the course of the weekend and Sarah Wood played brilliantly as short stop, making a couple of great saves and intercepting the ball before it got in the outfield to get others out at base. We also made a double out in a game with great play from Rowie Beedell on 3rd base.

Saturday afternoon ended with us losing the final two matches of the day which meant that we would be playing for the spoon on Sunday. It was decided early on that we weren't going to camp overnight and instead of few of the team headed out into Wycombe for drinks and team bonding. The evening started off at Donna Manley's where guitar heroes was in full swing and drinking games were flowing. The congregation of three neighbours complaining about the noise at 10:30pm meant that the party had to end the band (great singing by Lester Deeble) and make their way into O'Neills. It was a late night for all with us ending up in a pool bar until 3:00am.

Sunday was interesting with most of the team turning up with hangovers. The hour delay was appreciated by all suffering from the late night. Not surprisingly we lost the first game but bounced back in the second to win in the final innings.

Donna Manley's batting was pretty appalling for most of the day so she decided that some well needed practice was required. This didn't entirely go to plan and a deflected pitch from the bat flew behind her straight into the circle of unsuspecting team mates where it hit Maria Emiliani on the back of the head and neck. Not surprisingly Donna was voted Donkey of the day for this!!

Tom Hammill was determined to make a diving catch and after failing on Saturday his time came on Sunday afternoon where he surprised the opposition by making the save.

Sarah Wood was voted man of the match after managing to get her first home run which finished off the tournament quite nicely.

Overall the weekend was really good fun and even though we didn't finish higher up the rankings everyone enjoyed themselves and is now looking forward to the next tournament.

MVP - Woody
Donkey - Donna

(Author: Donna Manley)