2010 BUSK Softball Tournament

Our club entered this tournament with an expectation to develop our members, little did we know that we would end up winning a C Plate Championship!
Over two days we played a total of nine matches finishing with an overall result of five victories and four losses. On the Saturday we played five matches, ending the day in fourth place of our group. We started the day with a loss against a very strong apponent whom ended the tournament placing runners up in the trophy competition, it was our low point of the weekend. The end of the day proved to be our strong point by finishing with two consecutive victories. Everyone was feeling happy and proud of our first day in this competition.
On the Sunday we managed to carry over our positive momentum and won our first match of the day. At this point we felt as a team nothing was impossible, until of course we lost our second match of the day! Thus leaving us with a fifth position in our group classification to compete in the plate group championship.
There was a round of knockout stages which due to a team dropout put us straight into a semi final position. Everyone was really excited about how much we achieved as a team to get this far, I firmly believe this was the driving force to do well. After our semi final victory, it suddenly dawned on everyone that our team can accomplish any challenge put forward. The idea of playing in a final match of the plate championship competition got our heart rate pumping with excitement.
When we found out our opposition, the Karmakazies, I realised it was going to be a great final as they placed in the same position as our team in 'Group A'. We started the final by losing the coin toss, and batted first! We managed to start with four runs scored by Simon, Louie, Rosie and Darrell. Our opposition were kept to a shut out until the third innings where they scored two runs. At the start of the fourth inning we managed to secure another four runs scored by Rob, Phil, Tom B and Hannah with an extra run driven in by Rowie to score Simon. By this point we had a lead of seven runs, victory was in our sight. The last and final seventh inning saw two runs scored by the opposition but solid consistent defence led our team to victory.
Special mentions go to the following players; Emma, Karen, Liz, Mel, Hannah, Rowie, Angela, Rosie, Neil, Rob, Tom B, Simon, Phil, Darrell. Louie.
A great big thank you to Sally for base coaching and scoring during both days. I must also thank Phil and Darrell for joining our team last minute, their contribution was much appreciated.