Open Day - Saturday 18th April 2010

Chalfont Softball Club is holding it's annual open day on Sunday 18th April.

It will start at 10:30am, taking place on Gold Hill Common. Just walk towards the excited looking sporty folk carrying mitts, balls and bats. Open Day is for all players anyone who would like to try their hand at a new sport and those that have played in the past and would like to restart. We are hoping to grow our membership numbers this year from around thirty active players to around forty five active players, including juniors aged sixteen and over.

Clare and Neil, our lead coaches, will welcome all and run through what will be covered during the session. We will start with a warm-up of basic stretches and exercises to get everyone loosened up. We'll then take newcomers through the basic skills of the game including catching, throwing and batting.

Don't worry about not having any equipment - our club has all that you require, including some brand new mitts. We always finish our training sessions with some game-play where you can experience a real match situation. After training we all head to the local pub, The Village Hall, for a cool drink or two and some lunch on the patio.

Please read through our website to get a feel for our club. You can learn more about the game in our "Beginners Guide To Softball" and you can see some softball in a promotional video on our "What Is Softball" page.

Don't worry if you can not attend our open day. We welcome new players at any time of year, just contact us and we can arrange for you to attend training, a game or a tournament.