Softball Equipment

Unlike sports such as football and running where the only equipment you will need to buy is a pair of shoes, softball requires you to have a little more. When you come along to training, a game or a tournament you will immediately notice how much equipment everyone has, gloves, shoes, batting gloves, sliding pads and bats.

The good thing our club can provide you with the necessary equipment to get you started so that you don't have to buy anything. The softball equipment that is available for new members to use includes gloves and bats. However, as you start to gain experience and your needs as a softball player grows, then you will realize that your equipment needs get more specific and buying your own is the solution to these needs.

Is this because of vanity? No, it's just that you will want the right gear that will help you take your game to the next level. Check out the types of equipment that are available and why buying your own is ultimately a better thing to do rather than borrow the equipment provided by our club.

Softball Gloves

Our club has a large selection of softball gloves, but if you want one that fits perfectly to the shape of your hand, then the only real option is to buy one yourself. Having your own softball glove will mean that you have a glove that you are comfortable with all the time - you will amazed at the difference it makes to your game when it comes to catching and fielding the ball. Naturally, you will treat your own glove a lot better than a club one - meaning it will be the right shape all the time and is less likely to smell of sweaty leather.

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Softball Batting Gloves

Covering both of your hands, batting gloves provide comfort, improve grip, heat and shock absorption while you hit the ball. You will find out that consistently swinging at bat in batting practice and tournaments can result in blistered skin, however wearing batting gloves reduces the chance of the bat handle damaging your hands. Ideally, batting gloves are soft, fit the hands snugly, and have an almost sticky surface that enables you as the hitter to grip your bats firmly.

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Softball Bats

Our club has a number of bats that are available for anyone to use - however these are only really good for members that are just starting out in the game. There are a large number of our members that have bought their own bats - they have chosen ones that are just right for them in terms of weight and length. Having the right bat means being able to swing the bat harder and ultimately to hit the ball better. They are always happy for you to use their bats and after trying some out in games you will find on that you are comfortable with and you will probably stick to borrowing the same bat each game. If you are looking for a bat of your own them the following link to where you can buy one in the UK.

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Softball Balls

There are a number of different types of softball ball that we use througout the season in games, tournaments and in training. If you are looking for a ball of your own to use when you have time to practice away from regular club practice and games then check out the link below.

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